Twitter Adds Real-Time Analytics To Fabric


Google Fabric is a platform that allows mobile developers to build mobile apps in easy steps. The tool not only allows developers to build the app and integrate with other SDKs but also lets them test, deploy, and debug before they can shift it to their customers. If you want to learn more about Fabric, check out What Is Twitter Fabric .

Earlier, Twitter announced a Twitter Fabric app that lets you view your app status and its health and a lot more.

Today, the Fabric team announced that it has added more powerful and real-time analytics to its Fabric app.

"Today, we’re releasing a major upgrade to the app: the ability to drill into your most impactful adoption and stability metrics, such as DAU, MAU, and retention, to stay on top of your new releases — all in real-time.”

With today’s update, you can now quickly understand how your app’s user activity is changing over time by drilling into the daily active users graph. We’ll show you how many new users you are acquiring every day. By benchmarking your active and new users against the same time last week, you can immediately understand how your app is growing.

The app is available on Apple and Google stores now:


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