Twitter Adds Timeline and Guest Authentication to Twitter Kit

Twitter just announced two new features added to its developer toolset, Twitter Kit or Fabric. The features were announced by Michael Ducker, product manager at Twitter.

From the announcement:

“Today, we’re pleased to introduce two new features for Twitter Kit on Fabric: Tweet timelines that bring more engaging stories into your app, and guest authentication for building rich logged out experiences.”

“Keeping your mobile app users coming back for more depends on effective, unique content. Since the launch of Twitter Kit, we’ve seen many of you use Tweet embeds – often themed to your app and crafted into a list format with multiple Tweets – to build engaging experiences. To make that easier, we’re releasing Tweet timelines on both iOS and Android.”

Recently, Twitter has been criticized by not increasing its new users and Twitter’s focus has shifted to figuring out how to monetize it’s not logged in users.

“With user timelines, you can seamlessly integrate Tweets from any Twitter account into your service – in just a few lines of code. With search timelines, you can automatically display search results based on key terms relevant to your app experience.”


Twitter kit is a developer platform that allows mobile developers to build mobile apps in easy steps. The tool now only allows developers to build the app and integrate with other SDKs but also let them test, deploy, and debug before they can shift it to their customers. Learn more about Twitter Fabric here >


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