Twitter buys influence with BackType acquisition

In a blog posted on Tuesday July 5, 2011, Twitter announced that it has acquired BackType, a social-media analysis company with the aim of helping companies and brands gauge their impact on social media websites.

The acquisition illustrates two important trends at Twitter. Firstly, Twitter endures to collect under its direct control features offered by third parties. Recently the popular Twitter client app Tweekdeck was acquired by microblogging services.

Second, the deal focuses on increasing the value of measuring social influence. BackType's premier service was telling its customers how tweets about them were propagating through Twitter, and who the most influential people were on Twitter for a company or topic. 

Apparently the major part of BackType‚Äôs appeal to Twitter was Storm, which is said to be a distributed and fault-tolerant stream processing system developed by BackType in-house. Assuming Twitter is able to gracefully absorb BackType's technology and engineers, the acquisition should pay Twitter back nicely.