Twitter Covet To Build A Tweet Controlled Drone

Twitter has recently, applied for a patent, which will be available by next week, for drone capable of taking pictures and videos, and also transmitting them through user’s account on Twitter. Applying for patent doesn’t mean that Twitter is planning to build a drone; however, possibility is that it would be laying a basic establishment for Twitter-controlled UAV.
Twitter have mentioned a way, in which users can use like, retweets and replies to control the direction of the drone, along with what it is photographing or recording. Twitter has also mentioned tele presence and live video interview capacities. All this might be sounding a bit bizarre to you, from technical as well as safety point of view. Still, no other company has publicly considered this concept at the moment except Twitter.
This year, we have seen Twitter launching live-steaming app Periscope. Hence, this leaves us with the possibility that it would use app in tandem with flying drones in order to capture and also broadcast events through platform.