Twitter Delivers A More Unified Experience Across iOS Device

It's been bound to happen, but finally Twitter apps on iOS devices will be more consistent regardless of which one you're using.

Twitter has announced via a blog post that the users will be able to create and see revamped quote Tweets, explore trending topic in search, visit product and place pages, and more.

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Now Twitter gets an Auto Layout inspired responsive design for iPad and iPhone. This is accomplished by making Twitter a universal app, and incorporating adaptive UI, a methodology inspired by Apple’s Auto Layout system, which allows for a responsive design that lets apps adapt to the size of the current device.

The key characteristics that Twitter looking at include:

  • kind of device (phone or tablet)
  • orientation
  • canvas (size of the current view)
  • size class (whether the canvas is small and compact or broad and expansive)
  • typographic settings and constraints

The outcome of features gives a more strong look that can adapt to any size of device, whether it be a phone, a phablet, or a tablet. Probably, this will permit the iPad application to dependably stay progressive, and implies that new components, similar to Apple's one next to the other multitasking endeavors in iOS 9, will have the capacity to be bolstered with no code changes on Twitter's end.

Brendan Donohoe, Product Designe, Twitter stated:

"Ultimately, it’s no longer Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad: it’s Twitter for iOS, and it will now be optimized for different contexts. That’s a freedom which helps us to make Twitter the best experience it can be for everyone, regardless of device".


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