Twitter Is Developing A Permanent Page For Covering Streaming Live Events

Twitter is currently developing a dedicated page on its Service, where you will be able to watch streamed coverage of the live event. With the launch being expected soon, it would be easier to watch the videos from PGA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, along with the other providers without the need to search endlessly for the links.
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We do not know yet about the public timing for the launch of this page. However, one can guess that it; the launch might be possible only, when the NFL’s regular season starts this year.
Anthony Noto, Twitter, Chief Financial Officer have recently confirmed about the livestreaming effort in a tweet. As Twitter has gone on to sign the content partnerships with the major sports leagues and other groups, the company started testing out its videos capacities, so as to ensure that it can easily scale.
However, the best way to conduct this is to open it up to the service’s 313 million monthly active users, in such a way, that it does not overload the system. This might be the reason, why the users are seeing the notifications within Twitter app and inviting them to watch the things such as Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the PGA Tour’s Barclays Golf tournament Wimbledon and other such events.
If Twitter is able to work out all kinds of its platform, it seems quite likely, it will go on to move into the next phase of more active promotion. After all, having a Service, which would fail at times will not make it look good for the company.
Live events have been the main focus of Twitter since Jack Dorsey has reassumed the control of the company as the Chief Executive. He states,
“We believe we have a leadership position in it. But it’s not just about showing a live event, it’s also hosting a conversation around a live event. Twitter has always been the best place to see what’s happening immediately, instantly, to bring people around a particular shared experience.Twitter has always been the best place to see what’s happening immediately, instantly, to bring people around a particular shared experience.”
It seems possible, when the permanent place is set on Twitter. The company will not only enable the users watch the games and other events live on the site, as well as on the apps, but will also allow to interact with the fans and the followers, share moments along with GIFs.

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