Twitter Now Allows Users To Create And Curate Moments

The Twitter Moments – all the collections of tweets about some particular subject which is in the news and much-talked about  – now makes better sense than it did earlier.
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Recently, Twitter said that it is starting to roll out the ability for any user to make their own Moments in the apps’s Web client. This feature will soon be made available on Twitter mobile apps. A video in the tweet shows how the process works on the desktop.
Until recently, Moments have been editorially curated, most probably by Twitter staff and it is considered an achievement to be included in a Moment. It will not have any effect any longer as it has been democratized; however, that may come with an upside, as it will go on to allow any user to make his or her  own content out of  other people's content. Twitter started on this road in August, when it started allowing selected influencers, brands or partners, to make Moments --  and now anyone can do it.
Twitter has gone on to promote Moments way ahead of the users’ notifications and direct messages in the Web client. This goes on to give a sense of how essential the feature is to the company, which has introduced it around a year back. This project was known as Project Lightning, initially.

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