Twitter Releases Video App Called Vine

Twitter has officially announced Vine, an alternative way for its user base to share video clips through tweets. The Verge reports that Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo gave us a glimpse of the services via his Twitter feed only yesterday, and now it would seem it’s ready for the official roll-out. Currently, its app is only available for those on iPhone and iPod touch, but will be heading to the Google Play Store, as well as the stores of other platforms in the near future.

Vine is not an out-and-out video sharing service, rather a way for users of Twitters to share short video clips with followers. The limit is six seconds, and the short video can easily be embedded in the same manner in which photos can at present. The resulting video runs in an infinite loop, akin almost to an animated GIF file, and is ideal for those funny moments captured on an iOS device.

The nicely-designed app can currently be used on an iPhone, and Twitter says apps for other operating systems are on the way (presumably they’ll head over to Android next).


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