Twitter Set to Launch Developer Tools

Twitter, one of the most popular social media and Microblogging companies, is ready to lure developers to a conference on Wed in San Francisco, according to several media reports. More than 1,000 developers are likely to attend the conference.

Independent third-party Twitter client apps was the reason Twitter became so popular overnight. But a couple of years ago, Twitter shut down its API and crushed many developers whose businesses and apps relied on Twitter API feeds.

Now, Twitter may be rethinking its strategy and opening up its API for developers. The new Twitter API is called Fabric.

"It is about relationship-building. If you start by offering services that are globally interesting to mobile developers and not just ones that are interested in traditional Twitter data, you can build a better relationship with more developers and introduce more of them to Twitter by delivering them value right away," Ryan Sarver, Twitter's former director of platform was quoted as saying in The Wall Street Journal.


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