Twitter To End Counting Photos And Links in 140-Character Limit

As per the earlier reports which claimed that Twitter was considering removing the 140-character limits altogether, Bloomberg has offered some more details on Twitter’s plans for the limitations. According to the reports, Twitter will very soon stop counting photos as well as links towards the 140-character limits, as a way of encouraging people to add more media to their tweets.
Specific details however have yet remained unclear. Recently, links account for 23-characters each, which means that you will now be technically able to fit six links in a tweet at the most. There is also four image limit per tweets. It is quite unclear if Twitter will impose a limit on the links per tweet, once it stops counting them against the 140-character limit.
The report also cited that an anonymous source had noted the change could roll out sometime over the next two weeks to users. This move comes following Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey saying earlier that this year the company is looking forward to new ways for users to share more text on the service. The ultimate goal which will come with this change, however, is to provide the users the ability to add more media to their posts, while at the same time also freeing up some characters for more text.
Earlier this year, reports had started circulating that Twitter was looking on to increase its 140-cahracter limit to 10,000-characters, however, Dorsey has gone on to deny these rumors. At that point of time, Dorsey said that the limit was a good constraint for the company and it allows for the moment for everything. However, Twitter, had removed the 140-character limits from the direct messages, last year.
Initially, Twitter had introduced the 140-character limit which would allow users to post via text messages when the service was first launched in 2006. However, the text messages came with a 160-caracter limit. At that point of time, people were sharing fewer images as well as links, compard to now.
It seems that the possibility of Twitter no longer counting images and links towards the 140-character limits would allow enough additional space for more easily added commentary to links, especially articles.

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