TX Text Control 15.0 released

One of the new features of the components for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 is an extension of the existing Adobe PDF export. In version 15.0, TX Text Control is able to create and save ISO conforming PDF/A documents. In recent years, PDF/A has been getting stronger in the electronic archiving market. Using TX Text Control 15.0, PDF/A documents can be automatically created or converted from other supported formats. In addition to the PDF export, TX Text Control 15.0 implements a PDF import technology that allows developers to extract the text, do a full text search or to convert them to other supported formats. Additionaly, a new concept for web-based document viewing and forms processing in ASP.NET was implemented. Using TX Text Control .NET Server 15.0, MS Word compatible forms can be displayed and completed in any browser. The completed form can be processed server-side, printed or saved as Adobe PDF document. The development team also improved the core functionality of TX Text Control. Page columns and legal numbering are available in this version of the successful word processing component. All documents can be imported and exported from and to Office Open XML (DOCX), MS Word (DOC) and Rich Text Format (RTF). Additionally, valid XHTML documents can be created in version 15. An overview of all new features can be found here: New Features About TX Text Control: TX Text Control was originally released in 1991, since then more than 40,000 copies have been sold. Starting off as a single, small DLL, TX Text Control has made its way through 16-bit DLL and VBX versions to today‘s Enterprise edition with its .NET and ActiveX components. The recent addition to the family, TX Text Control .NET Server, offers all of TX Text Control advanced word processing functionality in an easy-to-use server-side .NET component. Customers benefit from these years of experience, large user base, and at the same time, appreciate developing with a mature, reliable product. Contact Informations: support@textcontrol.com North & South America: Phone: +1 704-370-0110 Phone: +1 877-462-4772 (toll free) Europe: Phone: +49 421 335 910 Asia Pacific: Phone: +886 2-2797-8508