TypeScript 1.5 for Visual Studio 2015 is available now

TypeScript 1.5 was also announced with the release of Visual Studio 2015 yesterday. Microsoft developed and maintains this free and open source programming language which first appeared in 2012.
Jonathan Turner announced it via a blog post:
E6 support
A number of new ES6 features has been added by TypeScript 1.5 including modules, destructuring, spread, for..of, symbols, computed properties, let/const, and tagged string templates.
E6 support
Image Source: blogs.msdn.com
ES6 Modules
Here’s the new module syntax from ES6 supported by TypeScript 1.5. The ES6 module syntax offers a rich way of functioning with modules.
New Module output
“We’re adding two new module output formats to help continue support more JavaScript practices: SystemJS and UMD. SystemJS will allow you to use ES6 modules closer to their native semantics without requiring an ES6-compatible browser engine. UMD gives you a way to output a single module that works in both AMD and CommonJS.”
“The new release adds support for the proposed Decorator feature of ES7, which is currently being developed in collabo ation with the Angular, Ember, and Aurelia teams. Since Decorators are being defined in ES7, which hasn’t stabilized yet, the feature is considered ‘experimental’, but it is already showing how powerful it is when working with rich libraries and applications."
For more information, visit the blog post.

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