TypeScript 2.2 Released

Microsoft has released TypeScript 2.2 today, as it has promised. This latest release has several fixes, new features, and useful updates that, Microsoft says, have made it more powerful than the previous version.
The users who are using Visual Studio 2015 with update 3 can directly install TypeScript 2.2 from here. Also, the TypeScript 2.2 package can be installed through NuGet. However, the release is limited to Visual Studio 2015 only; support for Visual Studio 2017 will come in a future update.
But, the company states,
“ If you’d rather not wait for TypeScript 2.2 support by default, you can configure Visual Studio Code and our Sublime Text plugin to pick up whatever version you need”.
Here are the highlights of some of the best features of TypeScript 2.2.
1. Quick Fixes
The most powerful feature of TypeScript is its tooling, and the team claims that it has mostly focused on it.
In the official blog, Daniel Rosenwasser of Microsoft states,
“With TypeScript 2.2, we’re bringing even more goodness to your editor. This release introduces some more useful quick fixes (also called code actions) which can guide you in fixing up pesky errors.
This includes
  • Adding missing imports
  • Adding missing properties
  • Adding forgotten this. to variables
  • Removing unused declarations
  • Implementing abstract members
As you write up your code, TypeScript can give suggestions each step of the way to help out with your errors. Expect similar features in the future. The TypeScript team is committed to ensuring that the JavaScript and TypeScript community gets the best tooling we can deliver.”
2. The “object” type introduced
TypeScript 2.2 introduces a new type i.e., object type. This new type matches any types except for primitive types, which means a user can assign anything to the object type except for string, boolean, number, symbol, and, when using strictNullChecks, null and undefined.
3. The react-native JSX emit enabled
This new version gets react-native emit mode additionally, along with the preserve and react options for JSX.
As per blog,
"This mode is like a combination of the two, in that it emits to .js files (like --jsx react), but leaves JSX syntax alone (like --jsx preserve). This new mode reflects React Native’s behavior, which expects all input files to be .js files."
4. Added Support for new.target
TypeScript 2.2 has got the support for ECMAScript’s new.target meta-property implemented. This lets constructors figure out if a subclass is being constructed.
Apart from these, TypeScript 2.2 has brought some more magnificent features. For full spectrum of the features embedded in TypeScript 2.2, you can visit the what’s new page.
Well, if you find these features amazing, you will be surprised to know that as per the roadmap set by Microsoft, the next version of TypeScript is on its way and is scheduled to be released in May 2017.