TypeScript 2.4 Announced

TypeScript version 2.4 has been released with new features and improvements that has made it more efficient and easy to use. This new stable version of TypeScript can be downloaded from NuGet, or by using the following command with npm.
  1. npm install -g typescript  
The new features introduced in TS 2.4 include –
  • Dynamic import() expressions added to EEMAScript (ES2018 or later) so as to allow you to asynchronously request a module at any arbitrary point in your program. With this feature, “you can conditionally and lazily import other modules and libraries to make your application more efficient and resource-conscious.“
  • String enums have been added in this version so now, it allows enum members to contain string initializers.
  • TypeScript 2.4 introduces the concept of “weak types”. A weak type is any type that contains nothing but all-optional properties.
Apart from these new features, given below are the improvements made in TS 2.4.
  • Improved checking for generics
  • Return types as inference targets
  • Stricter checking for generic functions
  • Strict contravariance for callback parameters
  • Stricter checks on “weak types”
To learn more about these changes, you can go through the official What's New page on GitHub.
Users having VS 2015 (Update 3), can install this latest version, i.e., TypeScript2.4 from here, while VS 2017 (Update 2) users can get it via this installer.