TypeScript 3.5 Released

TypeScript 3.5 released with optimized type-checking and incremental builds.

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of TypeScript 3.5. The latest version 3.5 features new type-checking and incremental build optimizations designed to improve speed.
For Compiler and Language section, the new version brings Speed improvements, The Omit helper type, Improved excess property checks in union types, The --allowUmdGlobalAccess flag, Smarter union type checking, and Higher-order type inference from generic constructors
For Editor Tooling part, it brings Smart Select, and Extract to type alias
Source: Microsoft 
Previously, TypeScript 3.4 had introduced a new --incremental compiler option. According to the company, this option saves a lot of information to a .tsbuildinfo file that can be used to speed up subsequent calls to tsc. Version 3.5 includes several optimizations to caching how the state of the world was calculated.
In cases involving hundreds of projects using TypeScript’s project references in --build mode, the amount of time rebuilding can be reduced up to 68% compared to TypeScript 3.4, claims the company.
Rather than making everyone define their own version of Omit, TypeScript 3.5 comes with its own in lib.d.ts which can be used anywhere. Now, the compiler itself uses this Omit type to express types created through object rest destructuring declarations on generics.
The new release has improved excess property checks in union types, which detects typos for when a type isn’t expecting a specific property as well as smarter union type checking.
The new feature, –allowUmdGlobalAccess flag allows users to reference UMD global declarations from anywhere.
To learn more, visit the official announcement here.