TypeScript 3.6 Beta Released

Microsoft has released the Beta of TypeScript 3.6 with many new capabilities and improvements.

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of TypeScript 3.6 Beta, which, according to the company, is intended to be a feature-complete version of TypeScript 3.6.
You can get 3.6 Beta through NuGet, or using npm with npm install -g typescript@beta
This release is introducing a new feature Stricter Generators which can be used for stricter checking for iterators and generator functions. In previous versions, users of generators did not have a way to differentiate whether a value was yielded or returned from a generator.
Source: Microsoft 
With 3.6, the Iterator type now allows users to specify the yielded type, the returned type, and the type that next can accept. The company said that the new Generator type is an Iterator that always has both the return and throw methods present, and is also iterable.
For more accurate Array Spread, TypeScript 3.6 has brought a new __spreadArrays helper to accurately model what happens in ECMAScript 2015 in older targets outside of --downlevelIteration. __spreadArrays is also available in tslib.
The new release also features improved UX Around Promises and Semicolon-Aware Code Edits.
Starting with 3.6, class declarations made with methods named constructor are now constructor functions, irrespective of whether they are declared using identifier names, or string names.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.