TypeScript 3.8 RC Released

3.8 includes new ECMAScript standards features.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Release Candidate for TypeScript 3.8, which brings a bunch of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.
Microsoft said that between this RC and the final release, there will be no changes apart from critical bug fixes.
The highlights of the new release are:
  • Type-Only Imports and Exports
  • ECMAScript Private Fields
  • export * as ns Syntax
  • Top-Level await
  • JSDoc Property Modifiers
  • Better Directory Watching and watchOptions
  • “Fast and Loose” Incremental Checking
The company said that in TypeScript 3.8, it has added a new syntax for type-only imports and exports. 
  1. import type { SomeThing } from "./some-module.js";  
  3. export type { SomeThing };  
import type will only import declarations to be used for type annotations and declarations and will always get fully erased, so there’s no remnant of it at runtime. Same way, export type only offers an export that can be used for type contexts, and is also erased from TypeScript’s output.
3.8 also brings support for ECMAScript’s private fields which is a part of the stage-3 class fields proposal.
To learn more visit the official announcement here. 

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