TypeScript Invites Code Contributions From Community

Microsoft recently announced the release of TypeScript 1.0 at its Build 2014 conference and now the company announces that TypeScript 1.0 is inviting code contributions in the form of bug fixes from the community.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, TypeScript combines type checking and static analysis, explicit interfaces, and best practices into a single language and compiler. Optional static typing, rich IDE features, and support for classes and modules provides the foundation for a robust software development, for the JavaScript developers.

TypeScript debuted in October 2012, as an open source project on CodePlex. And within one and a half years’ time, TypeScript has developed into a mature language. TypeScript 1.0 is available as a part of Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Web Express 2013 Spring Update and as a power tool for Visual Studio 2012 providing a development environment with the Intellisense, project support, and powerful code navigation features.

The TypeScript is used to build products all over, including Visual Studio Online, Xbox Music and Video, parts of Bing, the IE11 Developer Tools and Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. More than 370 typings have been contributed by the TypeScript community, including AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, and many other popular JavaScript libraries.

The TypeScript recently became a fully supported language in Visual Studio. Maybe even more importantly, the company says TypeScript will now take the open-source contributions from the outside developers.

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