Ubuntu 13.10, Latest In Ubuntu’s Desktop OS Released

Nicknamed Saucy Salamander, Ubuntu 13.10 is a glossy desktop OS upgrade. It is the latest in the desktop operating system launches after the last release of the Raring Ringtail; and the next in line Ubuntu 14.04 can be expected next year, in April.

Ubuntu 13.10 has a dash display that allows you to expand and explore search results across the Internet. It also has a unified environment on the desktop that acts as an interface common among the laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

This pattern is impressive, similar to the design impressive tiles interface of Windows 8.

The memory performance of this latest release is also something to look forward to. Ubuntu here is avoiding transaction with the hard drive largely and is decompressing and compressing certain data with the use of the CPU cycles. It then keeps the same in the RAM.

This behavior is making the memory capacity more efficient than ever. Ubuntu 13.10 also backs the dynamic power management of Linux graphics driver (open source) of AMD.

Saucy Salamander has a good deal of consumption and performance enhancements on the Linux 3.11 kernel.

Other gems in Saucy Salamander’s crown are the Unity (version 7) (latest version), GNOME 3.8 and Python 3.  

Appearance wise, other than the appealing looks, design and feel of it, it has a new addition, a face. Whether you are a guest user or a primary user the face makes the logging in process interesting.

To give you a better experience while you are at it, the upper right corner of the desktop screen has a notice switcher button. This button helps you access character map settings, language settings, text entry settings and the keyboard layout chart right here.

Hence using this button helps you avoid going to the settings panels of your system, saving you a lot of time.

Rest assured; if you do a clean installation of the Ubuntu 13.10 OS then you will not have to face the problematic issues such as the conflicting settings, aging dependencies etc. 


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