Ubuntu Core 18 Released

Recently, Canonical released Ubuntu Core 18 which will bring the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to high-security embedded devices.

Ubuntu Core is the latest operating system for IoT devices and large-scale cloud container deployments. It covers primarily the requirements of headless IoT devices and their distributors.
As per company statement, Ubuntu Core 18 will enable a new class of app-centric things, which can inherit apps from the broader Ubuntu and Snapcraft ecosystems or build unique and exclusive applications that are specific to a brand or model. Specific apps could be required, or optional, per model's need. The company claims that the new release will provide complete control over the 'versions and updates' to manufacturers relevant to their own devices.
The digitally signed snaps will make sure that devices built upon Ubuntu Core are resistant to corruption or tampering. All or any of the components can be verified at any time. Moreover, Ubuntu Core 18 comes with ten years of low-cost security maintenance, to enable long-term industrial and mission-critical deployments.
ubuntu core released 
"Updates are delivered with a device-specific SLA, ensuring that change is managed by the manufacturer or the enterprise and providing a rapid response to any vulnerabilities that are detected over the device lifetime,” wrote the company.
Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst IoT, 451 Research says:
"Canonical’s Ubuntu Core puts the right code on a device with clean update and management semantics. Since snaps deliver everything from the kernel and device drivers to 3rd party applications, targeted upgrades can be orchestrated and delivered to IoT endpoints via a central app store with no user intervention. This manageability is essential to enhance the ongoing security and performance of devices in the field. Ubuntu Core is used across many types of IoT device such as digital signage, dronesandrobots, with ROS applications supported as snaps, and in IoT gateways. This all sits within the existing open source Ubuntu ecosystem providing familiarity and common tools for developers."
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.