Ubuntu for Tablets and Smarthones

Ubuntu is a very poular Linux distribution for Desktop PCs. Canonical Ltd., the developer of Ubuntu, has been busy preparing Ubuntu for tablets and phones too.

It has been nearly a year since the news Ubuntu OS smartphones be in stores in October. The smartphone devices are not yet available but the Ubuntu Touch software is now available for manufacturers to install into smartphone devices. Commercially available smartphone devices will likely be available soon. See Ubuntu Touch explained: What it is and how to get it for a description of Ubuntu Touch. A Ubuntu Touch smartphone is expected to work the same as a Ubuntu Desktop computer simply by connecting a keyboard and HDMI monitor but that feature is not yet working.

This month Announcing Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview announced software enabling existing Android smartphones to dual-boot Android and Ubuntu. That software is not yet stable and is for developers only, not for regular users. It is however in very active development.

Ubuntu will be in tablets too. Five reasons why the Ubuntu tablet could shock naysayers in 2014 explains that Ubuntu tablets are inevitable, will be more user-friendly than the competition, will provide substantial competition for Android, will be able to run Android apps and will be nearly the same as Ubuntu in a Desktop PC.