Ubuntu OS smartphones be in stores in October

The first Ubuntu-powered mobile phones will reportedly be available in October of this year, CNET reports. While iOS and Android rule, and Windows Phone dukes it out with BlackBerry for third, a new player will enter the smartphone contest this year. 

Image Courtesy: CNET

According to Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu powered phones will be on store shelves in October. He also says that app developers will get access to the latest build by the end of February. Developers are being enticed by the promise that instinctive apps written for Ubunto phones will also work on desktop computers, and vice versa.

This two-horse race between mobile and desktop computing is key to Ubuntu as a successful smartphone OS. Shuttleworth imagines devices that will cross the limitations of today's smartphones, creating devices that can be docked to larger displays and input peripherals and behave like a PC when necessary.