UIControlSuite .NET - OVER 60 .NET User Interface Controls

Berkshire, UK – November 1, 2011 – Today, Binarymission, a leading vendor of user interface components for Microsoft .NET, announced the immediate availability of UIControlSuite .NET V18.5  UIControlSuite .NET Enterprise edition is a collection of .NET components for WinForms, WPF .NET, Silverlight & Windows Phone 7 (WP7).


Major highlights of this release are: ScrollBar .NET for WinForms. **NEW PRODUCT**

·         Instant replacement for the standard Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars for WinForms

·         Ready to use, right out-of-the-box

·         Easy to customize the control (including colors, Images & margins)

54 new Sample C# Projects across various .NET controls in the package.


Enhancements to current controls:


DatePicker control for WinForms: Added new images for the built-in drop-down button image

ComboBox control for WinForms:  New property introduced to enable Customization Of Column Display In Multi-Column "Auto-Suggest" Mode.

Tab control for WinForms: Several new helper API methods introduced, including API to rearrange the tab pages.


Pricing & Download:

UIControlSuite .NET  from $499 per developer

ScrollBar .NET for WinForms - $69 per developer

Other .net controls from $69 per developer


Evaluation: - http://www.binarymission.co.uk/Downloads/downloads.html

Screenshots: - tp://www.binarymission.co.uk/appimages/1.png


About BinaryMission

Binarymission Technologies Ltd. is a software development and consultancy services company based in the UK, successfully providing technology solutions to customers for several years now.  They provide leading edge business applications and productivity enhancement tools that businesses need, to compete in today's dynamic and highly competitive world.


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Fiona Blake: Binarymission: +44 1635 842444: fionab@binarymission.co.uk