Unreal Engine Lets Developers Modify Games In VR

VR Gaming company Unreal just announced its Unreal engine that allows gamers and developers to edit and build games while they are in VR. Unreal engine will be announced publicly at GDC on March 16, 2016. From the blog post:

The Unreal Editor is up and running in VR, so you can build VR content in VR. Using the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive motion controllers, your movement in the real world is mapped one-to-one in VR; you can reach out, grab, and manipulate objects just as you would in real life. You already know how to use this tool, because it works like the world works.

These are the early days of the revolution in immersive VR content creation, but we’re so excited about what’s up and running that we couldn’t keep it a secret anymore! VR movement and editing controls are functional, along with key parts of the Unreal Editor UI, including the Details Panel and the Content Browser.