US and Japan provide the strongest environments for IT competitiveness

Relatively few countries possess all the factors necessary to support a thriving information technology sector, but the United States, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom provide the strongest environments for IT competitiveness, a new study concludes.

As reflected in the Economist Intelligence Unit's "IT industry competitiveness index", these factors include an ample supply of skills, an innovation-friendly culture, world-class technology infrastructure, a robust legal regime and well-balanced government support, not to mention a competition-friendly business environment. Those countries possessing most of these ‚Äúcompetitiveness enablers‚ÄĚ are also home to high-performance IT industries: all but four of the top 22 countries in the Economist Intelligence Unit index are also among the world's top countries in terms of IT labour productivity.

To find out the research findings and IT Industry ranking of countries, click here.


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