Use To Import And Manage Your Yahoo Mail

Microsoft first added the import tool to with support for Gmail, back in December 2013. Due to the enormous successes that this tool saw, the company is now expanding it and today it announced that the users of can now import and manage their email from Yahoo Mail and many other IMAP-enabled email providers. The main focus is part of the service’s import wizard, through which you can keep your old email addresses, but manage them all from

To simplify the process, Microsoft details the step to import your mail from Yahoo and from other email providers.

Importing Your Email From Yahoo Mail

To import your Yahoo mail into, navigate to the Options and then click Import email accounts. Now select Yahoo, Microsoft has added a specific option for Yahoo users, after that enter your Yahoo email address, your password, and then click Import.

(Image Courtesy: Microsoft)  

This will set up your Yahoo email address as a “send from” account, which means you can use to send emails from your Yahoo address. Users can also connect their Yahoo account to Microsoft account and their Yahoo contacts automatically appear in

Importing Your Email From Other Email Providers

(Image Courtesy: Microsoft) 
Importing your email from other IMAP-enabled email providers works the same way as importing your email from Yahoo mail, you just have to select the option “Other email provider” instead of “Import email accounts.” Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t mention the list of IMAP-enabled email providers, aside from the “most popular” ones.
The good news is that in both cases, the import happens in the background that means the user can continue using or even sign out during the process. After the process is completed, the user will get an email to let you know. As per Microsoft, import time may vary, as it totally depends on how many emails are there to import. Importing your mail will not affect your old account: you can keep using it the same as before.

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