UWP Community Toolkit 1.1 Available Now

Microsoft has released the first update to UWP Community Toolkit. In order to view the update you need to follow the instructions given below:
  • Get started with UWP Community Toolkit 1.1
  •  Install the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App right from the Windows Store
  • Gain information from reading the provided documentation
Given below is a summary of what is new in V1.1 as per the official blog:
.NET Foundation: Microsoft has currently announced the UWP Community Toolkit which has joined .NET Foundation, a vibrant community of open-sourced projects focused on the future of .NET ecosystem.
Updates and new features: The main focus on this particular release is to improve the quality of the toolkit by addressing feedback that company receives through GitHub and the Store Sample App.
The full list is now available in the Release Notes, which includes the following:
  • Services: It can now add LinkedIn services, (read user profile and share activity), Microsoft Graph service (send and read emails from UWP via Office 365 or explore Azure Active Directory graph) and updates to Facebook and Bing services.

  • Controls: Adding Blade, GridSplitter and DropShadowPanel controls

  • Animations: New FadeHeaderBehavior
Sample app: The UWP Community Toolkit Sample App has also gained an update so as to include the new features of this particular release. The Sample App is one of the best ways to preview the features of the toolkit.
Documentation: As the project joins the .NET Foundation, Microsoft moves the documentation to an all new location, which is directly connected with GitHub.


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