Valve launches its Steam video-game for Linux

Valve announced today that Steam is now available for the open-source operating system Linux. The Verge reports that, the free application can be found in the Ubuntu Software Center.

A few dozen games are available for the platform at the moment, including first-party Valve support for games like Counter-Strike Source, the original Half-Life, and Team Fortress 2 (which comes with a free Tux the penguin in-game item for Linux users). High profile indie titles like Amnesia, Bastion, FTL, and Serious Sam 3: BFE and World of Goo are other highlights of the initial lineup.

In honor of the new release, 57 Linux-supported games are on sale for 50 to 75 percent off until February 21. You can get the same deal on the Mac and PC versions, too. Although the games currently available for Linux are slim pickings, Valve is working on converting its own games to the OS.


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