Verizon to Offer its Own Nokia Lumia Variant

Images have leaked of a Verizon variant for Nokia's Lumia 820 on Windows Phone.

It has already been revealed that T-Mobile USA will sell a variant of the Nokia Lumia 820, called the Lumia 810, with features similar to Nokia's exclusive model with AT&T. 

Images have now leaked from the Evleaks Twitter account showing what will likely be Verizon's Lumia 820 variant. The model has tentatively been called the 'Atlas' (or Lumia 822) and will include a 4.3'' display, rounded corners, and a front facing camera. 

Nokia-Atlas-WP8 1 Ver.jpg

For both Lumia variants, pricing and availability remains uncertain, but sources expect the phones will arrive in November after Microsoft's formal WIndows 8 release. On Verizon, the 'Atlas' will also be accompanied by HTC's Windows Phone 8X, recently demoed in New York City on October 5th

As we have discussed previously, there have been rumors of Microsoft developing its own Windows Phone handset, which could have major implications for Nokia and the future of Windows Phone devices depending on how consumers respond following the launch at the end of October.