Version 9.0 Of The Unicode Standard Now Available

Version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard is now available. For a total of 128,172 characters, Version 9.0 adds exactly 7,500 characters.

In one of the official announcements made by Unicode, Version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard is now available, which adds exactly 7,500 characters for a total of 128,172 characters. The additions include six new scripts and 72 new emoji characters.
The support for lesser-used languages worldwide is also getting support from the new scripts and characters in Version 9.0,
  • Osage, a Native American language
  • Nepal Bhasa, a language of Nepal
  • Fulani and other African languages
  • The Bravanese dialect of Swahili, used in Somalia
  • The Warsh orthography for Arabic, used in North and West Africa
  • Tangut, a major historic script of China 
Nineteen symbols for the new 4K TV standard and 72 emoji characters are the important symbols additions included in it.
You can visit UTR #51, Unicode Emoji for a detailed description of support for emoji characters by the Unicode Standard.
A few specifications like sorting Unicode text, reducing Unicode spoofing and compatible processing of non-ASCII URLs have been updated for Version 9.0.

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