Visual Studio 2013 Announced

Are you ready for Visual Studio 2013?

Visual Studio 2013 is available to download now for MSDN subscribers. The Express version of Visual Studio 2013 is also available.

With Visual Studio 2013, the new .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Team Foundation Server 2013 were also announced. 

Today, in his blog, Somasegar announced the availability. The best part is, it can be installed side by side with Visual Studio 2012 version. That is just great.

New features announced by Somasegar:

  • Improved XAML Editor
  • Cloud Business App
  • Improvement in C++
  • TypeScript
  • CodeLens
  • Work Item Charting
TypeScript brings classes, modules and optional static types to JavaScript development.  In Visual Studio, this enables rich tools like live error reporting as you type, IntelliSense, and Rename refactoring.

I’ve noticed that when we show Visual Studio 2013 to developers, one of the most head-turning new features is CodeLens, a Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate feature that provides deep contextual insights inline in your source code.  CodeLens for C# and Visual Basic provides information such as the number of references, and recent changes from source control. 

In the RC, deep Lync integration has been added, so you can easily contact the developer who most recently worked on a piece of code directly from the Visual Studio editor.  Several new indicators are also now available exposing Bugs, Work Items and Code Reviews related to the class or member, for developers working with source code in Team Foundation Server 2013.


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