Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC Now Available

Visual Studio has launched a new update for 1 Release Candidate 2015 (known issues). The new update comes with a number of new changes for C++ developers.
Some of the changes bought by the new update are as stated below:
The standard library and C++ compiler has been updated and it now comes with enhances support for C++11 and C++14 features. It also includes preliminary support for certain features which are expected to be part of C++17. However, the most notable change that you will come across is the quality improvement for constexpr and partial expression SFINAE support. In addition to this more than 200 bugs has been fixed, which includes those submitted by users through Microsoft Connect.
With this new update, Android developers will be able to debug Java code, and when they are building the Android application. This would enable them to experience good Java language editing, all they need to do is click on download from VSGallery. Introduction to support for x64 and arm64 targets for iOS and Android development has also been made.
Visual studio in the blog states,
”The Visual Studio Emulator for Android and Microsoft Test Manager will not be able to acquire online licenses when they are used with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid installing Update 1 RC on a computer where either of those products is needed. Our iOS developers will enjoy an improved experience with debug targets and provisioning profiles now operational from within Visual Studio.
Visual Studio have added numerous new features in order to improve the code authoring experience, which includes enabling new database engine, member list dot-to-arrow, extract function, expand scopes, change signature and expand precedence.
With the new update, users can now take snapshots while debugging the application by using Memory Usage tool, inside the Diagnostic Tools Windows (Ctrl+Alt+F2).
Visual studio have also thanked all its uses in the blog, stating,
“The Visual C++ team wants to thank everyone who has provided feedback over the last year. Your comments and suggestions (and frowns) have helped us plan and prioritize the features we deliver. Thank you!”

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