Visual Studio 2019 v16.2 Generally Available

Visual Studio 2019 v16.2 and Preview 1 of v16.3 is now generally available.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2019 version 16.2 is now generally available, as well as Preview 1 of version 16.3.
Both versions are available for download from
Visual Studio version 16.2 features a new tool Test Explorer that offers better handling of large test sets and easier filtering. It gives you more discoverable commands, tabbed playlist views, as well as customizable columns to fine-tune test information displayed.
With 16.2, you can now debug JavaScript in the new Microsoft Edge Insider browser for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects. The new version also brings back the "Sort Usings" refactoring option. You can now also convert switch statements to switch expressions. It also enables you to generate a parameter for a variable from the Quick Actions menu. Moreover, there is an enriched experience of creating and configuring Azure SignalR services when enabling real-time communication in web applications.
For C++, new updates include Clang/LLVM support for MSBuild projects and incremental build for Windows Subsystem for Linux. There is also a new C++ quick action to install missing packages in CMake projects using vcpkg.
Source: Microsoft 
The company said that changes in the throughput of the C++ linker has dramatically improved the iteration build times for the largest of input and this results in an improvement to all codebases.
The second release, Version 16.3 Preview 1 brings support for .NET Core 3.0 Preview. It also features .NET Core project templates like Worker and gRPC for building microservices or Blazor for building client web apps using C#.
16.3 Preview 1 also features an added search box in the start window. This helps users to quickly locate recently used projects, solutions, and folders. Also, the most recently used code containers integrate with Visual Studio global search. User can find them there as well.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.