Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.1 Preview 2 Released

Second preview of Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 released with enhancements in debugging, NuGet, extensibility, and C++ development.

Recently, Microsoft released the second preview of Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 The preview 2 is bringing additional performance and reliability fixes. There are enhancements for debugging, NuGet, extensibility, and C++ development.
There are several improvements for C++ developers
The new release has added in-editor documentation for CMake commands, variables, and properties. Developers can now use IntelliSense autocompletion and quick info tooltips when editing a CMakeLists.txt file. This will save the time spent outside of the IDE referencing documentation and make the process less error-prone.
Also, new version adds lightbulbs for missing #includes that can be installed by vcpkg. Preview 2 also provides package autocompletion for the CMake find_package directive.
Source: Microsoft 
The company said that CMake integration now supports the Clang/LLVM toolchain for projects targeting Windows and/or Linux. This will help developers to build, edit, and debug CMake projects that use Clang, MSVC, or GCC.
C++ Template IntelliSense: With the second preview the Template Bar dropdown menu is populated based on the instantiations of that template in the codebase.
The new release also include new C++20 preview features, added to the compiler and are available under /std:c++latest.The company has added new C++20 features to the implementation of the C++ Standard Library as well, including starts_with() and ends_with() for basic_string/basic_string_view, and contains() for associative containers.
Other improvements:
The company said that starting with new release, debugging NuGet packages has became a lot simpler now. Symbol Server can be enabled from the Debugging\Symbols option.
Using Windows authentication will now allow developers to use Source Link for on-premises Azure DevOps Servers. Visual Studio Search now displays the three most recently used actions on focus, making easier to find previously searched-for items.
The new release includes a number of updates to Visual Studio extensibility, including Shared Project support and per-monitor awareness for dialogs. The need for a .resx file has been eliminated and synchronous auto-load is also disabled.
Interestingly, Project templates now support custom tags which allow them to show up in the New Project Dialog.
To see a full list of updates you can visit the release notes here.