Visual Studio Code 0.9.1 Announced

In September, Visual Code 0.8.0 announced with some updates such as new themes, debugging enhancements, support for colorizing TSX and JSX files, etc.
Now, the October update for VS code is here with v0.9.1 that includes the following updates: Persistent location update, new themes, TypeScript support, debugging and debug console enhancements, improved markdown preview:
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Persistent location for customizations
A new location is here where all future update settings will be moved. The new location is .vscode/extensions under user directory.
Depending on your platform, find your folder here on Windows, Mac, and Linux:
  • Windows %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions
  • Mac $HOME/.vscode/extensions
  • Linux $HOME/.vscode/extensions
Add Themes
Now add the new TetMate theme files to your VS Code installation. Choose a theme from ColorSublime and copy the download link to use in the Yeomen generator.
An example is given below:
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Pre-Launch Task in Debugging
Now use the preLaunchTask attribute in a project's launch configurations (launch.json) for specifying a task to run before a debug session starts.
Debug Console
Some improvements done to the debug console includes the following:
  • Support for Text selection
  • Enhanced colors for better visibility
  • Richer context menus
  • The expansion of elements are preserved between sessions
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TypeScript 1.6.2
Now comes with TypeScript 1.6.2. Go through the updates in TypeScript 1.6.2 for getting more understanding.
Markdown Preview Enhanced
We all know the importance of Markdown in structuring a document. It has way more importance when we discuss about code clarity. Markdown preview enhanced to make it easier to understand embedded code stands out more clearly and the overall font sizes and spacing were enhanced.
Additionally, a new action to quickly open the Markdown preview to the side as shown below:
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For more update, visit the official update v0.9.1

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