Visual Studio Code Is Open Source Now

Today is the first day of Connect 2015 event for developers and Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing its light-weight code editor Visual Studio Code. Also, a new build published that will add extension mechanism to the editor. Visual Studio Code was initially released in April this year.
However, 60 extensions are already available that includes better debugging, code linters, etc. Visual Studio Code will replace the old Visual Studio Gallery, and it will be the single place where you will be able to find extensions for all versions Of Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Code.
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Visual Studio Code is a web and cloud development code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It combines the streamlined UI of a modern editor with rich code assistance and navigation. Also provides an integrated debugging experience, so there is no need for a complete IDE. Microsoft released its code on GitHub with the announcement of contributions from the community. Visual Studio Code was first released back in April as a preview.  I
Here's the GitHub link for open-source version of Visual Studio Code.
Now contribute to the Visual Studio Code in the following ways:
  • Submit bugs and help them verify fixes.
  • Review the source code changes.
  • Contribute bug fixes through pull requests.
  • Update and add to the documentation.
The updates puts the IDE in beta. It has some new features, including extensibility support that was on the top priority list of request from developers. 
Visual Studio Code is now supported by a new extension store, Visual Studio Marketplace. This would be an easier way for adding additional features and support for other languages.
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