Visual Studio Code Version 1.13 Available Now

Microsoft has released version 1.13 of Visual Studio Code in the May 2017 release. This latest version has been equipped with a lot of improvements, some significant updates, and some new features as well, so as to make it more user-friendly and powerful.
As per the official announcement, "Some of the key highlights include,
  • Changes to settings defaults - We're enabling several useful features by default such as extensions auto-update, editor drag and drop and minimaps.
  • Set multiple cursors with Ctrl/Cmd + Click - Add multi-cursors just like Sublime Text and Atom.
  • Improved Git merge - Inline merge actions with Accept Changes CodeLens.
  • Better IntelliSense details - Easily toggle full suggestion documentation.
  • Emmet abbreviations display - Preview Emmet expansions as you type.
  • Enhanced snippets - Increase your productivity with multi-cursor and nested snippets.
  • Faster debugger performance - Stepping through source code is significantly faster.
  • File links in exception stack traces - Jump directly to source code from exception stack traces.
  • Docker and MERN debugging recipes - Debug configuration examples for Docker and MERN stack projects.
  • More workbench theming colors - We've added more VS Code customizable colors.
  • Better NVDA support - Accessibility improvements for the NVDA screen reader."
To get complete details of features and updates in Visual Studio Code v 1.13, you can go through the release notes here, which are divided into six sections – Workbench, Editor, Languages, Debugging, Tasks, Extension Authoring – for better accessibility depending on the VS Code focus areas.