Visual Studio Container Tools Extension Is Available In Preview

Container Tools window will give you GUI experience within Visual Studio 2019.

Recently, Microsoft announced the preview release of the new Visual Studio Container Tools Extension for Visual Studio 2019. The extension tooling, available now, will give you additional functionality in order to help you with building and diagnosing containerized applications from right within Visual Studio.
According to the company, Container Tools window has been brought into picture to provide a GUI experience within Visual Studio 2019 to aid container developers in building and diagnosing their containerized applications.
The new tooling enables the following capabilities:
  • Show a list of containers on your local machine
  • Start, Stop, and Remove containers
  • View a containers log (stdout/stderr) – choose to stream logs or not
  • Search log contents using the standard Visual Studio Find Dialog
  • Show the folder & files in a running container
  • Open files from a running container inside Visual Studio
  • Inspect container port mappings and environment variables
Users that are used to using the Docker CLI tool for interacting with their containers, will now have a more convenient way to monitor their containers in the IDE using this window. It helps developers to be more productive by not having to switch constantly between the IDE and separate command/terminal windows.
Source: Microsoft 
You can download and install the new extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.
To learn more about the new tooling visit the official announcement here.