Visual Studio Gets A New Editing Mode

Microsoft brings preview VS extension for a new editing mode - web live preview.

Recently, Microsoft announced a new editing mode dubbed “web live preview”, which, you can avail in the preview Visual Studio extension.
"we wanted to adapt to that philosophy that the best representation of your UI, data, state, etc. is your actual running app," wrote Microsoft
 To get the extension you can reach the Visual Studio Marketplace and download/install the "Web Live Preview" extension for Visual Studio 2019.
 After the installation of the extension, in an ASP.NET web application developers will get an option that says - Edit in Browser - when right-clicking on an ASPX page. "Edit in Browser" launches the default browser with your app in a special mode. You will find a difference in your view that will have some adorners on it.
Source: Microsoft
This special mode lets you interactively select elements and see the selection synchronized with the source. So, even if a developer selects something that comes from a master page, the synchronization will open that page in Visual Studio in order to navigate to the selection.
Currently, this extension supports the .NET Framework web project types for WebForms and MVC only. .NET Core and Blazor support are not supported currently but are on the roadmap.
This extension works with Chromium-based browsers like the latest Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.