Visual Studio Online Supports REST API

Sometime back, the Microsoft Visual Studio team started working on the idea of having Visual Studio on the Web without installing on your local machine.

Can you imagine taking your tablet or laptop anywhere, login to your MSDN account and start building your applications? Yes. This is exactly what Visual Studio Online is for.

Visual Studio Online is a cloud service hosted on Microsoft Azure and managed by Microsoft. Visual Studio Online allows developers and teams to develop code, build applications, test, deploy and monitor in the cloud. Visual Studio Online use TFS to manage teams.

Not only developers can build and deploy their applications in the cloud but can also integrate with other applications and cloud services like GitHub, Trello, Jenkins, HipChat and more.

Now Visual Studio Online provides a lightweight JSON REST APIs to get the details about the most recent build, the last 5 commits to a Git repository, or the list of projects a user has access to? You can also create and query work items, queue a build, get recent team room messages, access source code, and more.