Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools Open-Sourced

Lately, Microsoft has been on quite the open-source push. Earlier on Monday, Microsoft revealed more information on how it is releasing SQL Server to Linux. Soon after, the company announced that it is now open-sourcing Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools on GitHub
The Productivity Power Tools was first launched in 2010. They are a pack of powerful extensions in order to improve the developer productivity. The free add-on has been downloaded more than half a million times, in various versions, and since they have been introduced, these tools have been updated for every major Visual Studio release. Over time, its numerous features have been merged in Visual Studio.
The open-source version has a subset of extensions in Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015. and Microsoft is planning to make all the extensions open source over time.
The following are the currently available extensions:
  • Align Assignments
  • Copy As HTML
  • Fix Mixed Tabs
  • Ctrl+Click Go to Definition
  • Match Margin
  • Middle Click Scroll
  • Peek F1
  • Structure Visualizer
  • Syntactic Line Compression
  • Timestamp margin
We expect that Microsoft will continue their involvement in open-source, both in response to the market pressure, as well as to continue their cross-platform push. May be we will see more such efforts in Build 2016, which will begin later this month.