Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO) Update 9 Released

Microsoft has launched update 9 of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). This release includes all the best features of Taco Update 8, whose main focus was on giving its users more control over their dev environment and also provides better guidance for plugins.
Update 9 focuses on two main themes, which is as stated below:
  • Saving you trips to the command line.
  • Getting started faster, by providing more prescriptive guidance. 
Saving you a trip to the command line
When building apps with Apache Cordova, you’re going to use plugins to access native device capabilities (e.g. the Camera). Visual Studio TACO has always had tools which would help you to manage these plugins. It provides numerous ways to install common and custom plugins and now Microsoft has added a new option which simply allows you to add a plugin by using its id. 
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Normally, you would want to install a plugin by id, hence when you are using a custom plugin from the Cordova Plugin Repository. However, you will now be able to do this with Cordova command line interface, b just opening a command prompt and type the command cordova plugin add <id>.
Now all you need to do is just go to Custom tab of the configuration designer, and enter your plugin ID and go.
Microsoft states,
“We wanted to save you that trip over to the command line, so that you can stay focused on your code!”
The company states,
“When first creating a project using the Cordova blank template, we’ve redesigned the start page to make it easier for you to get going with your first application. The layout and content was rearranged so that you can quickly read over the important steps for getting started, and all of our links on this page were updated to point at the latest and best information.”
Along with the changes Microsoft has also fixed many bugs to improve the stability and performance of Visual Studio.
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