Visual Studio Tools For Apache Cordova Update 7 Announced


Microsoft Visual Studio team just announced the Tools for Apache Cordova Update 7. The update was announced via a blog post by Michael Braude, Development Manager, Tools for Apache Cordova. This update has some new features and fixes.

The new features include:

  • Consume structured error data from Cordova
  • Cordova 6.0.0 as default version for new projects
  • New ionic Blank, Tabs and SideMenu project templates
  • All project templates have been updated to give them a modern look.

Besides the above new features, the bug fixes include:

  • vs-tac install fails if AppData path has a space in it
  • Crash reporting system
  • Project name with spaces invalidates package.json file, breaks NPM
  • Store packaging for multiple architectures only copies one package file to AppPackages directory
  • Create packages for the Windows store with multiple architectures at the same time is now possible.