Visual Studio Update 1 RTM Announced

 Microsoft released the new Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. The company has shared numerous features while introducing the CTP, and while releasing RC. For complete update check the Visual Studio Update 1 RTM Release Notes. Let us now discuss the final additions made for RTM. They are as stated below:
New Visual Studio Icon has been updated, making it easier for users to differentiate virtually between multiple versions of Visual Studio running side by side.
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NET Framework 4.6.1. Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 includes the latest version (4.6.1) of the .NET Framework.
With the new update the Visual Studio editor now provides its users with a built-in syntax highlighting and basic IntelliSense support for languages including Go, Java, Perl, R, Ruby, and Swift. The new update also supports the TextMate bundle model for language grammars and snippets, allowing you to extend support for other languages.
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The IncrediBuild-Visual Studio partnership, allows collaboration without any additional cost. Developers can now use IncrediBuild engine in order to lay build plans for their application. This helps in leveraging hardware resources more efficiently and at the same time helps you to monitor and identify bottlenecks, providing you with better understanding of resource usage.
This new update will enable you to build and submit apps to the Windows Store. It also includes productive improvements to .NET Native, XAML designer, manifest designer,Windows Store packaging and debugging.
The testing tools of Visual Studio now supports MSTest framework, based on ASP.NET 5 applications. At the same time, it adds support to CodeCoverage with ASP.NET 5 on x86/x64 platforms targeting the CoreCLR/CLR. The MSTest framework components are also available from the NuGet gallery.
The Visual Studio testing tools also introduces support for parallel execution of test case leveraging, with Test Explorer.
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In the blog, Microsoft states,
“C# Interactive Window and command-line REPL. We’ve added more functionality and fixed a number of bugs in these features that first appeared in the CTP. For RTM we’ve also cleaned up some of the command-line argument handling.”
Managing analysis issues are now easier than before. The company states,
“We’ve heard from many customers that when they install a Roslyn analyzer from NuGet or Visual Studio Extensions, thousands of code analysis issues end up showing up in the Error List, leading them to abandon the analyzer. With this update you can now suppress all current issues to a global suppression file, view and manage baselined issues (to audit suppressions or review baselined issues), show analysis warnings and messages for only ‘my code changes,’ and remove duplicate instances of warnings in the error list to focus results to the unique set.”
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With this new update, you can now suppress all the recent issues to global suppression file. Visual studio license has also been improved, with the new Update 1.
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The company states,
Visual Studio license improvements. Signing in to unlock the IDE with your subscription is one of those features that you do not want to see interrupting your workflow. Towards this goal, Update 1 has improvements that will ensure the IDE stays unlocked for a year or more after signing in as long as you have regular access to the internet to keep the license renewed in the background. More improvements to reduce sign ins are still to come.”