Visual WebGui open source developers community call to join forces

  • roy
  • roy
  • Updated date May 19, 2009

The Visual WebGui Rich Internet Application Platform open source community is calling its members to join forces and share their web development knowledge and resources such as VWG frameworks. Each member's individual strength combined together to a whole will create something that has a greater power and will contribute everyone.

The first initiative is the creation of the VWG Community Frameworks website by rdhatch. This website gives the community a platform to share their code & offer downloads for the entire VWG Community to work with.

Anyone can help.  Simply sharing eachother's common VWG frameworks / code libraries, no matter how incomplete - is good for the entire VWG Community.  Even if you can provide concepts on how to layout navigation & properly place New/Save/Cancel/Search buttons within an application.  We just need to get this conversation started.