VLC Running Kickstarter Campaign for New Windows 8, RT Apps

VLC's free, open-source media player has become a widely popular choice for audio and video needs across several file formats. The simply designed media player, first released in 2001, has already developed a beta version for Android, and now VLC has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to launch a fully featured native app for Windows 8, to be followed by a second release supporting Windows RT on Microsoft's Surface. 

VLC logo 1.jpg

The existing version of VLC for Windows 8 runs only on desktop mode with Intel-based x86 devices. VLC's Kickstarter goal (set at a U.S. dollar equivalent of around $64,100) aims to develop a port customized to the new Windows 8 user experience over the next 3 months, The Verge reports, with subsequent compatibility for ARM-based tablets. 

Funds raised on Kickstarter will allow VLC's team to dedicate experienced core members to the project and hire professional designers to update the interface. 

VLC developers intend for the new Windows 8 app to support DVDs, VCDs, and unencrypted Blu-Rays, by comparison with the built-in media player, and will submit the app to Windows Store to reach a maximum of users and help standardize installation and updates.