VS 2019 For Mac Version 8.1 Released

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.1 and a Preview for version 8.2 is now available.

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.1 as well as a Preview for 8.2. Both new releases bring exciting new features and improvements to performance and stability across the IDE.
Version 8.1 brings the improvements to Visual Studio for Mac with new features added to the C# code editor and new ASP.NET Core templates.
The company said that the new editor, which was initially a preview in version 8.0, will now be the default editing experience for C# files. The new editor comes with a fully native UI built on top of the reliable Visual Studio foundation. There are several additional features that close the gap between the old and new editor:
  • Faster code generation through code snippets
  • Improved analyzer functionality with inline lightbulbs
  • Improved multi–caret functionality
  • Quick navigation via Document Outline and an improved Go to Line implementation
  • Faster editing with drag and drop across views
With version 8.1, VS for Mac now contains dozens of built-in snippets and allows you to expand the default library with custom ones, very easily, using the Code Snippets editor within Preferences.
Source: Microsoft 
Another important feature is inline lightbulbs for C# projects. When looking for alternative code suggestions or trying to find the code error that stops the code from building, it allows you to refine your code and quickly detect errors in real-time.
The version 8.1 also brings improved navigation and editing shortcuts. Like, the Document Outline and a brand-new Go to Line implementation. Also, the new editor is giving you the ability to drag and drop code across files within your project.
Finally, there are many improvements to performance and stability, the company has updated ASP.NET Core project templates, and refined the component selection process at install based on community feedback.
As the company has also released the first preview of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.2. You can use the 8.2 Preview by easily switching to the Preview channel within Visual Studio for Mac.
The 8.2 Preview is introducing a new XAML and AXML editing experiences based on the same core as the new C# editor as well as the XAML language service from Visual Studio on Windows. The new XAML Language Service with Visual Studio for Mac gives you access to much-improved matching capabilities, said the company.
With 8.2, completions now support fuzzy matching, substring matching, and CamelCase matching. This will reduce the time in finding keywords without the need to perfectly match casing.
Visual Studio for Mac 8.2 comes with .NET Core 3 and it also offers a preview of support for C# 8.
The 8.2 Preview also features improved Android XML editing experience. You will now be able to experience all of the rich editing experiences and performance that you see in the C# editor in your Android layout files.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.