VS 2019 v16.5 Preview 2 Released

VS 2019 v16.5 Preview 2 brings CMake, Linux targeting, and IntelliSense improvements.

Recently, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview 2 which brings CMake, Linux targeting, and IntelliSense improvements.
VS's native support for CMake allows to target both Windows and Linux from the comfort of a single IDE. The latest release introduces many new features specific to cross-platform development.
There are file copy optimizations for CMake projects targeting a remote Linux system.
New release also features native WSL support that helps you when separating your build system from your remote deploy system.
The latest preview allows you to add, remove, and rename source files and targets in your CMake projects from the IDE without manually editing your CMake scripts.
Source: Microsoft 
16.5 Preview 2 is also introducing CMake language services as well as a command line utility to interact with the Connection Manager.
For remote C++ development the latest release has brought FIPS 140-2 compliance.
To learn more visit the official announcement here.

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