VS 2019 v16.7 Preview 2 Released

The release brings useful updates in the C++ Connection Manager, Git Productivity, and Local Process with Kubernetes.

Microsft released Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Preview 2. The release features changes in the C++ Connection Manager, .NET Productivity, Git Productivity, and Local Process with Kubernetes.
The latest release brings various improvements in the C++ space. Within the Connection Manager, developers can now edit remote SSH connections. You can also set default remote connections to be consumed via ${defaultRemoteMachineName} in CMakeSettings.json and launch.vs.json.
Source: Microsoft
If you are editing a remote connection now Visual Studio no longer needs to recopy headers to Windows for a native IntelliSense experience. And, Setting default remote connections can be very useful for checking CMakeSettings.json and launch.vs.json into source control without user or machine-specific information. Well, these remote connections over SSH enable developers to build and debug their C++ projects on a remote Linux system directly from Visual Studio.
VS 2019 v16.7 Preview 2 also brings enhanced IntelliSense support for Clang on Windows (clang-cl) in Visual Studio. The clang include path now contains the clang libraries. There are improvements in the display of in-editor squiggles. The release also adds support for C++2a in clang mode.
The Preview 2 also features four new code analysis rules to incorporate additional safety features into C++ apart from C++20 Standard Library features.
You can now see the diagnostic ID along with a help link in "Quick Info" where you can easily navigate to the documentation investigate your code.
Microsoft has also revamped the VS merge editor by decoupling it from TFVC and focusing it on Git. A new gold info bar at the top of a file indicates if there are merge conflicts that required to be manually resolved.

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