VS Code 1.5 Released

September 2020 release of VS Code includes Accessible settings editor, and Pinned tabs improvements.

Microsoft released September 2020 release of Visual Studio Code, which includes a number of updates such Accessible settings editor, Pinned tabs improvements, and Linux ARM builds.
Accessible settings editor enables you to interact with the settings list like any other list in VS Code. You can now resize pinned tabs, unpin with one click, and do a lot more.
Source: visualstudio.com
Starting with this release VS Code is now available for both Linux ARMv7 and ARM64. The release also features improved hover and filtering in debug console. Users can also now toggle auto attach flows and see performance in real-time.
Other updates include Panel layout improvements, and Webview Views support.
Microsoft said that few changes in this release around how the macOS Keychain is accessed from VS Code will require users to acknowledge a new prompt for keychain access on macOS, even if they have previously allowed keychain access.

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